Pixeldust queen

Dive into the bold world of digital collages that defy convention, pulsating with vivid colors, images, typography infused with the rhythmic heartbeat of music. Belin’s vibrant and boundary-pushing work embodies a fearless approach, as she dives into her creative process without any preconceived ideas.

In a world that sometimes feels divided, Belin’s autonomous work is a reminder that love knows no boundaries. Her work serves as a visual revolution, positive protest, urging us to question our perceptions and celebrate diversity. In her new serie: Some like it hot,
she pushes boundaries like never before.
Time to step into: The age of love, where acceptance reigns supreme and judgment is left behind.

Stay FUNKY, fellow warriors & join the movement for change!

expo 2023 / some like it hot

november / december 2023
Blender Heerlen

augustus - september 2023
Cultura Nova Heerlen / Huis van emoties - David Bade | Badeklasse 2023

Kunstketting Stein

expo 2022 / let's get lost

december 2022
Akiza Gallery • Montmartre Paris

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