visual poetry

Belin’s autonomous work is a reminder that love knows no boundaries. Her work serves as
a visual revolution, urging us to question our perceptions and celebrate diversity.
Through digital collages bursting with vibrant colors, images and rhythmic typography,
she fearlessly explores her craft without limits or preconceptions. Rediscovering her creative roots with a fresh take on visual poetry.
Amidst a world that can feel divided, her art serves as a reminder that love transcends boundaries. Inviting viewers to question norms and celebrate differences.

Join her in the era of love, where acceptance reigns supreme and judgment fades away.

Stay FUNKY, fellow warriors 


Wear your sins with pride

Embrace your essential values

Evoke change

Some like it hot 

Have mercy on me

Golden years

There is no tomorrow

Load it up

Rock me baby, all night long

EXPO 2023

november / december  > Blender Heerlen
september > Kunstketting Stein

augustus - september 2023 > Cultura Nova Heerlen / Huis van emoties - David Bade | Badeklasse 2023

Let's get lost

Digital collages / Paris collage collective

EXPO 2022/23
november - februari > Akiza Gallery • Montmartre Paris

art prints / custom work

Belinda Crombach

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